Being A Qualified Bookkeeper – Does it make a difference?

I finished my IAB (International Association of Bookkeepers) course in Computerised Accounting for Business recently and, as courses, are designed to do, it has certainly given me food for thought.

2013-12-03 Sage 50 Accounting Software Level 3 Certificate

The latest work I was doing was with a construction company.  Their turnover had increased extensively in a short period of time yet when I arrived with them, their bookkeeping system was with a Red Book – manual paper and pencil with only a very few (8 in number) breakdowns of the purchases.

It was so surprising being given 3 days at least (I was told it would take this long) to analyse the purchase invoices and sub-contractor charges against a job that the company had felt was going over budget.  Imagine their surprise when it did not take 3 days to do this task – but just a short number of minutes.  Why ….  because when you computerise your accounts you have your hand on information that will be of benefit immediately … not 3 days down the line.

It is so important to me to provide up to date information to organisations and knowing how quickly correctly input paperwork can generate information relevant to the business then I will admit that I struggle to see how anyone can not see the benefits.

However, food for thought my course has given me and I have really enjoyed challenging my head in the different ways that this course gave me and to answer the question “Being a Qualified Bookkeeper – Does it make a difference?” …. I can say that yes it does.  It means that when I am analysing the documents for input I know that getting them to the right location in the accounts is of paramount importance so that, when the business needs the information, it is already there.

As an afterthought here, if you look at the attached certificate you will note that it is Sage and IAB certified.  Sage computerised will never be my love, however, after fighting my demons on this package for 12 years I am really proud to have broken my barrier and got certification in it.  I might not love it but I now understand why so many accountants do – it’s written in their language!

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