Business Assistance

In 2002 when I first chose to become self-employed, I realised that just wanting to build a business was not enough …. I needed the skills and expertise of a diverse range of other skills that could work with me to help both build and stay in business.  I also found I needed other people who were more specialised such as :

  • the bank manager
  • your accountant

but most of all, the most important person I found was from Business Link.  They helped me see such a diverse range of other areas that I initially did not think I either needed or considered but which all contributed and helped me to still be in business 12 years later.

Having recently (April 2013) re-located to my birth county of Lancashire from a lot of years in West Yorkshire (search Buckshaw Village for where I am) I returned to a Business Adviser provided by Chorley Council because I know where to start looking for assistance and having been part of a business mentoring programme run within Calderdale, I also know that working with other small businesses to help them become more established is something I enjoy and care about doing.

Each business has it own needs and wants and when you first set up that business there are many areas that, as a smaller business, no-one can give you advice on everything as not all areas will suit each business requirement.

So how can I help you with your business?

  • By providing you with my experience and time designed to help Make Your Business Better

Have a word with me about where I can help you with your business.  Contact me on 07880 601700.

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