PAYE : or in its full term – Pay As You Earn was first introduced into the UK in 1944.  The way tax is collected has changed little since that time and all individuals and businesses in the UK will find that PAYE affects them in some way.

Understanding what has to be paid and when can be a big burden on smaller businesses which is why many organisations can offer to do this and provide support to you.

As the internet and what can be done through it increases, HMRC have been increasing more and more what can be done online.  The latest change that came in in April 2013 was in relation to real time reporting (or RTI as it is commonly known).   It does lessen the end of year burden of payroll reporting however it has changed radically to reporting any and every payment made to an employee either before or on the payment date.

How can I help with this?  Each business operates differently and has different needs.  Ensuring you have a payroll system that suits your business and understand how it fits into your accounts system is vital so why not give me a call and let me work with you on this part of your business.


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