Testimonial from Ashfield Veterinary Ltd : Feb 2012 to November 2012

Sue came into Ashfield as a temporary stop gap to bring our procedures into a cohesive system. Tackling our SOPs, bringing us further up to date with a virtual private network along with our veterinary systems company and structuring our computerised systems as well as training each member of staff to use the system have all been areas that Sue has tackled. She is still on call to our company whilst our new Business Manager fully settles into his role, however, her input has been valuable and has taken our back office administration paperwork onto a more structured and professional level.










Testimonial from Alpine Restorations : 2011 to date

Deciding to change from a paper based system to a computerised accounting package in order to enable key financial information on company progression was a major change for our business. Going from “the red book” to using a formal accounting system on the computer seemed to be impossible for such a long time yet now … would I go backwards to paper? Absolutely not.  Sue has worked with Alpine and me and is still on the other end of the phone when I cannot understand where next to go. Whilst she cannot do everything I ask of her, she always gives me everything she can and I am aware that the fact she is now training to become a qualified bookkeeper is because she wants to be able to help me further when the accountant cannot always answer what I want to know. I know I try her patience at times but she has helped such a lot and I feel I understand where information is going to and from in a lot easier way than a paper-based system. 







Testimonial from 2 Design & Build : 2005 to date

I have worked with Sue since 2005 both on the accounting and payroll front.  Patience and caring have been evident during all of this time and I know that if I cannot understand what my accountant is trying to get over to me, Sue will always come and work with me to get this understood in my language. Teaching me to work with my own accounting package has been hard work but Sue’s friendliness and caring just shine through along with her patience. I really do not know what I do without her!



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